Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chica . . .

She was an English Bulldog, squat, strong, and sweet. She first met Mew through the window, three days ago. Yesterday, she went into our back yard and set up residence in front of our rusty (yucky) garden shed. In the afternoon, I walked up to her and she rolled over to have her belly rubbed. I went to get her some water. On an impulse, I called out "Chica," and she whipped her head around to look. Aha, she spoke Spanish, then. "Chica, veng'!" seemed to motivate her in my direction, but barely. She was a Bulldog, after all.

A neighbor had seen her, the day before, coming down 107th Avenue from the north. So we surmised she was from farther away. She was footsore and limping on her left hind leg. And hungry? All we had was dry cat food but, from all evidence, it was just delicious.

We left her in the yard, happily snoring in front of the shed until it started to rain. We sequestered Mew, and brought "Chica" in to sleep in our bathroom off the bedroom. She moaned a bit about being left in there but when no one responded, she settled down. This morning, she yipped to go outside to take care of business.

Animal control had no calls about a Bulldog being missing, so this morning I started out asking more neighbors. The people directly behind us wanted to see her. The man came around in his van and looked at her. He thought she had been traveling a long distance, too. He looked at her teeth and eyes. She had something in her eye he said and when I looked, it was a little red. Then he picked her up and she lay belly-up in his arms wagging her tail at him. He kissed her on the side of her muzzle and said he was taking her straight to the vet to see about the eye. If animal control doesn't come up with an owner who is searching for her, I think she has found a good home.

Don't you just love a happy ending?


Zeta said...

What a wonderful story. Does this mean you will have visitation rights by the fence?

ol Doc said...

So, you'll let us know if the neighbor actually adopts Chica? Anybody who'd kiss a belly when he doesn't know who else has been rubbing it has to be a Bull-Dog fan.

RANGER said...

Zeta, we will have to do some trimming to the Hibiscus hedge to even see the fence. She could be snoring there right now and I wouldn't be able to tell.

01 Doc, he was taking her to the vet so I am sure that, for him, she's a keeper. If we hadn't had Mew, we might have done the same thing, even though she snored like a diesel engine.

Zeta said...

Hum, is the hedge still in the box? Maybe if you take the new clippers out, they will realize there is a job waiting for processing.