Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where would you keep it?

If I am the first to rise in the morning, my routine is to pass through the house turning off the outside lights, then push the *on* button if I have risen before the coffeemaker is awake. After that, I turn on the computer along with the AC in the main part of the house.

This morning, on auto pilot, I did all of the above and then realized it may have been too much activity. The thermometer told me it was 71 degrees inside and even lower outside. So I went back and undid the AC thing.

We are supplied with some pretty good chocolate candy for giving out to neighborhood goblins. It came from BJ's and is hidden, like the scarlet letter, in plain sight. Almost.

It's in the living room, stuffed inside my library bookbag . . . unopened. Yet.


Zeta said...

Willpower. My boss brought chocolate to work today in a basket for everyone to enjoy. Hum, chocolate was good. Willpower was bad. Oh, oh.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I can't use my ID to post for you.
My sugar way below 130 which is not to bad considering what I ate yesterday.

ol Doc said...

I once had a doctor advise to wait and take my meds after I'd eaten a forbidden treat. I really liked that guy. Isn't Halloween a hard time of year!

Zeta said...

Yes, very. Candy is everywhere. Publix, CVS, school and work. Oh well, I will try and behave today. LOL...:)

RANGER said...

I guess we will take turns giving out the goodies on Friday. The chocolate smell will probably invade the house. We may overdose on the sublime odor.

Been good, so far. Because the bag is still unopened. That's not will power. That is definitely deprivation.