Sunday, November 2, 2008

Are we there yet?

Why does a one hour time change leave me reeling as if I had flown to California and landed at midnight after being up late the night before, packing for the trip. This would include a 3 hour layover in Atlanta or Charleston. Like that.

At three this afternoon, I began to preheat the oven for dinner. Ah, that was a little early so I turned it back off and went to lie down for a while. Good thing I set the timer. I would still be asleep otherwise.

When nearly asleep, I respond to: "Why is the timer going off?" much more kindly than I do to: "What's for dinner?" One is a reminder generated by my own actions. The other is a reminder of a different texture, altogether.

The difference between the two questions really wouldn't matter so much except for the effects of that flight to
California . . .


ol Doc said...

Yawn. I think I passed you, headed the other way. --- .yaw rehto eht dedaeh ,uoy dessap I kniht I .nwaY

Big Ed said...

Quiznos for the win!

RANGER said...

ol Doc leaves the first palindrome on this site! .nwaY

I have half of my Quiznos left, however.