Thursday, November 6, 2008

Haiku of hope . . .

Blue and red, please merge
Blend into a whole country
Votes are colorless


Bluegrass Mama said...

A purple nation,
red and blue in harmony.
Please say there's a chance.

Zeta said...

I really like you Haiku of hope. Made me smile :)

RANGER said...

Nice one, Bluegrass Mama. We all need to swirl together.

Zeta, I do like Haiku. I especially like the following one, translated (by whom I don't know) from the Chinese. It tends to stick in my memory:

The blossom I saw
Fluttering back to the branch
Was a butterfly

ol Doc said...

After elections,
We sing our songs reblended.
Red, Blue now mended.

RANGER said...

o1 Doc, from your mouth (well, your keyboard) to God's ear. Amen!