Sunday, October 4, 2009

Little, bendy-legged . . .

It really is all o1 Doc's fault. I blame her, completely. She has a link to Woot on her website and I clicked on it, today. They had a little, bendy-legged tripod. I have been thinking about getting small one because when we went up a mountain, I became shaky from the altitude. I am never shaky. As long as I reman near sea level, my hands are steady enough to perform brain surgery. If I were capable, that is.

Up high, say 3,600 feet, I needed a tripod and probably a keeper for the first couple of days. This particular Woot item is not for heavyweight cameras. But then, neither am I.

So little bendy-legs and I were made for each other. Thanks o1Doc.


ol-Doc` said...

If I were in higher altitudes, I'd need that bendy-legged tripod to park my behind section on...never mind a camera! Guess it'd have to be a bendy-legged walker or something.

RANGER said...

My behind section was parked in a rocking chair for a lot of the first two days. Looking out into the treetops and un-laxing.