Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Da what?

Our nearby Blockbuster Video rental store was replaced by a Pet Supermarket. We are not too happy over the switch but Mew is ecstatic. You see, because I asked about it, they now stock Da Bird.

It is a cat toy that mimics the flutter of bird wings as it swoops through the air. She absolutely loves it and has lost at least six ounces of weight due to increased exercise.

Now, I have to admit that for the first two days, I did not realize it had a string which was wrapped around the whippy wand. I was merrily waving the wand around and she was chasing it just fine. Then I realized there was a navy blue string wrapped around the navy blue wand and secured by a navy blue piece of tape. When I undid the tape, the (excuse me) da bird was liberated to fly. Now we are doing feline ballet and human wand wielding in sync.

Much better . . .


ol Doc said...

Aww, I wish I could see her in action. I recall playing with similar toys that were carnival prizes. They were papier mache and I loved them for the realistic wing flutter. Mom would let me wave the wand about while walking, until I came close to putting someone's eye out. Then she'd insist on holding my toy. Bummer. The cat is having a better time!

RANGER said...

I like the new photo, but then, I liked the other one, too.

I remember those fluttery bird toys. Zeta and I brought one home years ago. Our Siamese leaped higher than my head and snagged it out of the air. It didn't survive. Zeta was soooo bummed.

Zeta said...

Was the color yellow, if so, yes I do remember. Still bummed.