Monday, November 23, 2009

Forget driving . . . try walking

Our supermarket has flexible plastic strips that slide out sideways and across the end of a closed checkout aisle. The word "closed" is clearly stamped in large black letters across the face of the strip, on both sides of it.

I was standing in line at an adjacent register and happened to notice two young women coming up the closed aisle toward the store's interior. The first one skipped a little sideways and slipped through the opening at the end of the strip. The second one, who was texting, walked right into the strip, bent it into a right angle, and almost fell over it. Truly slapstick.

But, Lord help us if she ever gets behind the wheel.


ol Doc said...

You just know this person is probably the one ahead of you on the open road who keeps swerving over the outside line and jerking the wheel back. Texting while driving. Texting while walking. What's next!

Big Ed said...

I can't believe people text while driving. Talking on the phone is workable, and I have heard of people reading while driving. I know one person that was scared to death while the guy that picked him up read a comic book while driving.