Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Changes . . .


01 DOC

Mphmphm years ago, my life as the only living heir was disrupted by the birth of a baby. This event put me off playing with dolls and started my appreciation of the role of a pest in one's life. A pest will follow even if unwanted at the time. A pest will teach patience whether the spoiled only child wants to learn to be patient or not. A pest will always be there for you and will morph into a best friend for life.

That's the way it happened for me. I still miss my other self, living just down the street. My other kitchen, my tea buddy, my shopping companion. I miss the person who would listen to everything I had to say, no matter how foolish.

Life has changed, the neighborhood, the city, the state, all changed. There is one constant.

01 Doc is still the person she always was. And even though distant in miles,

Love is unchanged . . .


ol Doc said...

In a way, I'm still tagging along after Nyoka, The Jungle Girl - running after you and Gerry Reynolds as you played in the vacant lot. Momma said for you to take me along. I was just minding her and being a good little girl. Sorry about that pest business.

For real, I'm a bigger pest to the guys I work with!

I too miss the middle of the street meetings to borrow and loan...and just to confide in my big Sis.

Zeta said...

Wonderful story. It was nice having my Aunt, Unlce, and cousins a few houses away. The BBQ's, boat rides, and laughter is what I miss the most.