Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why us?

We were among the forgotten, yesterday. We were the missing ones. Our E-Z Go cart was placed streetside, wheels toward the house per instructions, on Sunday evening. Today, it is still there, stuffed and sated. It can eat no more.

Poor thing. I would feel even more sad about this situation if it were lonely. But, it's not. It has the company of like-minded carts all up and down the street.

So, not one of us received the gift of an empty E-Z Go cart yesterday. We all were skipped. I have a confirmation number from the department which is supposed to pick up the gar-bahj.

That is some consolation but I'd rather hear the big trucks a-comin' round the corner.


ol Doc said...

Wellll, when E-Z Come, E-Z-B Gone?

RANGER said...

E-Z-ly gone. They came this afternoon and gobbled up the contents. Never did find out why we were not on their radar.

Zeta said...

Maybe they were hanging out at Starbucks and lost track of time.

RANGER said...

LOL, that would have been my excuse.