Friday, May 21, 2010

Effort equity . . .

Less than a guarantee ago, we acquired a printer from HP. The Amazon reviews said it was noisy but fast and printed well. It was also on sale. That last attribute was a major decider.

We set it up and found that it was noisy but fast and printed well. Huh.

We have also gotten to know HP tech support really well. Over time, the printer has suffered three instances of Carriage Jam: the carriage that holds the ink cartridges stays on the right hand side of the printer and will not move. Each incident prompted a log on to tech support for an on line chat.

Twice, they walked me through procedures to get it working again. I finally wrote the serial and model numbers on an envelope and stuck it under the printer for easy access.

During the third jam, the carriage became adamant that moving was not an option. It was stuck on the right side and happy about it. We were not.

During a follow-up telephone call, an HP hardware supervisor inquired whether we would accept an electronic gift card usable on the HP site. The e-card was generous enough to allow an upgrade.

(This e-card-option was finally offered after I declined to submit a credit card number over the phone as *collateral* for having a replacement printer shipped to us and returning ours to them prepaid.)

This process was a two-day marathon of
on-line-chats and phone calls.

Today, I go to the retina specialist for a shot in the eye.
In comparison, it will be just a pleasant interlude . . .


ol Doc said...

It used to be that an HP would wait until you sent it instructions and then it would follow them. To. The. Letter. Now it declines to release ink. Or else it pops up those annoying message boxes while you're trying to do something else. commandeering your computer until you X-it out. How many times do I need to be told my printer is back on line. I think I can figure these things out. And, where did they hide the icon that lets me tell the printer to stop popping up those useless information windows??? Sheesh!

Big Ed said...

I have the same printer; However, mine does not have the same problems as Rangers has. It has had only one paper jam and it still works. Some people have all the luck.

Zeta said...

LOL, mine works without any issues as well.