Saturday, June 5, 2010

I like, I like, drat, don't know what I like.

I try to be careful when I comment on the blogs of people who don't know me, personally. The Coupon Goddess is a site I like and follow regularly. I have the site in my RSS Bookmarks so as to find new posts in a timely manner and not miss knowing about the excellent deals listed there. Plus she is an interesting writer.

Melanie, who is the Coupon Goddess, did a podcast of especially good and numerous coupons and deals. Then she asked readers to comment on how well they liked the audio format.

Being the dinosaur that I am, I said that I preferred the written word (among other things). She was so gracious in her reply and put me somewhat at ease about being different from the other folks who stated opinions in the comments.

I feel rather of two minds. I do prefer the written posts as I think they make it easier to select relevant items from the contents. But, I also like the podcast because her personality (which is charming) comes across well.

Today, I believe I embody the definition of: *conflicted*. Yep, that's me . . .


The Coupon Goddess said...

LOL!!!!! A very gracious post. Thank you.

Ok,here's the deal. I don't want to be a coupon good deal alert site. I also don't want to do coupon matchups.

What I really want is to just show people how coupons can enhance your life. An application of couponing if you will. I'm a story writer and enjoy the creative side of blogging about my way of shopping. It isn't a resource like Totally Target or Refund Cents, just my anecdotes on a life of a couponer.

The podcast you heard today was more of a look into my crazy way of thinking more than anything else.

Thank you so much for reading my lunacy. I appreciate your comments.

The Coupon Goddess said...

P.S. As far as being a dinosaur goes.... I had to call my oldest son one day at school to tell me over the phone how to work the dvd player. If you are a dinosaur, then I'm a single cell organism waiting to evolve. It's a miracle I have a blog at all.

Zeta said...

LOL, I feel much better about calling my son when I'm unable to fix the laptop, or get the computer to do something I want it to. The phone calls are getting less and less as time goes by. Either I'm giving up, or I'm learning more as time goes by.

RANGER said...

Zeta, learning gets my vote. I have yet to plug in the Enclosure that contains my old hard drive. The one he gave me? Remember? I want to be sure he is in town before I do.

See, isn't the Coupon Goddess the nicest one-celled organism you ever met?

ol Doc said...

I'm glad she explained things. I was beginning to wonder how one presented a podcast coupon to a point of sale vendor.

Can we say Techno-challenged?

I'm still trying to work out how to set up a network that will let me use the netbook in the house using the internet connection from DTV on my desktop. My Acer can "see" the router. Just can't communicate with the internet. Gonna keep working until I find a solution or someone tells me there isn't one.

RANGER said...

BigEd's laptop is also connected to our router. It saw the network and connected automatically. But it had already been connected to the 'net via ethernet cable before we got the router. He just had to open his browser and he was there.

Perhaps your satellite tech support, or the router or netbook tech support can help.

What browser does the netbook use?

ol Doc said...

Windows XP. It may be a problem with the router. The netbook sees it but it doesn't see the internet. Quien Sabe?

RANGER said...

Windows XP is your netbook's operating system. Your browser would be something like the Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Maybe you don't have a browser loaded. If you can find one, try to open it. Ya never know, it may find your internet and will connect if it can.

You probably have wireless N technology which came with the netbook. That will see the network. You just need to try to open the browser software. Good luck.