Monday, June 7, 2010

Is knowledge power?

Newsweek Magazine maintains a presence on the web. Today, there is an article about the oil spill that leaves me sick with dread for Gulf of Mexico species and for the oceans as a whole.

Oil does not necessarily float, according to the article. It is difficult to imagine the scope of the unseen damage and the consequences to the gulf and ocean inhabitants.

We can not hide from it. We have to know.

Define destruction using just two letters . . .


ol Doc said...

That hole just begs to have something really large and heavy shoved down it.

How about BP's CEO's EGO!

Did Kevin Costner's brother ever get his ocean cleaning device to the Gulf? Would BP use it if he did? Who would own the oil recovered? Would Kevin Costner have salvor's rights to it?

Is there such a thing as fast setting marine concrete? Could "Uncle Vinnie" make a pair of boots for the guy who caused this horrible mess in our beautiful waters!

Big Ed said...

It is only a matter of time before the oil shows up here. BP does not wish to pay their part of the destruction. Like Prince William Sound, the damage will never be cleaned completely up and BP will only pay part of the damage they caused.

RANGER said...

The ancient Romans invented concrete that set up under water. Too bad we can't ask them how to stop that oil leak under water.