Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Any good books, lately ...

I used to check, MDPLS bestseller lists, and the "books "section for new books which could be then placed on reserve at the MDPLS web site.

The library web site has been upgraded and I was exploring when I came across an automated system which will email you new book lists for any category you choose. 'Scuse me? I don't have to do the searching? Info is served up on an email platter?

What an idea. New to me, but
it probably has been available since the MDPLS went on line. I had not realized the opportunities my mouse glided past.

Periodically, I visit the web sites of favorite authors to see what's new and that's productive sometimes. Also, I maintain a booklist in WordPerfect of what I
have read, want to read, and have on reserve.

It is like finding treasure, or free designer shoes ...


ol Doc said...

Or sugar free food that doesn't taste like cardboard?

I usually enjoy mystery and cop reads but Maeve Binchey has a couple of things I hadn't read... Whitethorn Woods and The Copper Beech. Gotta love her!

RANGER said...

I hadn't thought about Maeve Binchy in a while, so being reminded, I went to her web site. I found that she posts a short story which she changes periodically. Neat, huh?