Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bring it . . . closer

We received an E-mail from a national chain store (okay, Sears) informing us that, today, it is opening an outlet on Killian at 79th AV. The communication also included a printable coupon. How happy am I? So much so that if I don't go today, I surely will on Monday. The nearest outlet of this kind is so far north of us, it might as well be in another county.

This is almost close enough to pogo stick over . . .


ol Doc said...

Is the Sears outlet the kind with clothing and shoes and sheets and all the good stuff or the other kind of outlet with lawnmowers and tools and hardware. Which is the kind we have here in our version of Another County.

We are the proud owners of a lawnmower made by them, tho. It do go fast and cut nice. You just can't wear it to church or out to a nice restaurant. I miss the clothing part.

Zeta said...

M. and I went to visit the store and see what was behind the mysterious walls. Appliances were everywhere. Really nice washers and dryers for our future purchase. Ours is currently still working great without bells and whistles, tho. Thank you, Ranger for the telephone about the grand opening.