Friday, June 6, 2008

Warm enough?

I made an errands-run yesterday afternoon. It was more brief than I had intended because the walk from the parking lot was like a safari - couldn't wait to get into the A/C. Thank heaven the car was parked by a tree which would provide some shelter. The twenty feet from the pharmacy to the grocery store was like wading through hot sand.

Inside Publix back toward the delicatessen area, there was a young woman stretched out on the floor with her head on her purse.
She had fainted. An older lady sat next to her rubbing her back. I asked the older lady if I could help or call someone for her. She said they were waiting for 911 to come. They did arrive quickly and performed a transport.

I was outside when the rescue vehicle drove the wrong way down an aisle of parked traffic which I thought was smart of them. If they had followed the proper flow of traffic, they might have gotten stuck behind a car which was stopped and waiting for another car to vacate a parking space. That kind of driver seldom abandons its prey.

When I got home, I discovered that it was 99° in the shade of our front porch.
Today, the plan is: out-and-back early . . .


Zeta said...

People need to carry bottles of water with them in order to replenish the H20 that leaves their bodies throughout the day. M. takes at least three bottles of water a day. The water bottles can also be refilled from a cool water fountain. Biged. and I drink water constantly when we go bike riding on Thursday. As we walked across the grass at Tropical Park on Thursday, Biged told me the grass sounded like snow. Yes, it ready did sound like snow. Running the errands early in the morning is a great idea and I will do the same.

Anonymous said...

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Then drink some more liquids! The other evening at 5pm, the Sheriff hit the door to the employee entrance and held it open for me. We both gasped as we left the cool building and hit the 93 degree wall of heat! Summer is really here!