Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stuffing and stuff . . .

Yesterday, five of us went to the Golden Corral down at the southern end of the Turnpike. J and I had not been down that far for years and the changes in the place are impressive. According to J, that is the fastest growing town, for its size, in the U.S. I do believe it. We found a Lowes, a Kohls, and lots of other shopping in a concentrated area. Plus more new multi-level housing than you would believe could be shoe-horned in.

We thought the restaurant might be crowded but it wasn't. Where are most people on the day before Father's Day? Turned out that many are in the malls or outlets frantically scooping up what Father might like. To me, a great deal of the fun of going someplace like the GC is seeing what other browsers score bring back from the serving areas. What's that you have? Oooh, where it it? Dessert? Who has room for dessert? Turns out several of us left room.

We really enjoyed going with Zeta, M, and Big Ed.

Happy Father's Day!


Zeta said...

Yes, we had a great time, too. I thought the cash register was were the cashier was standing who gave us our drinks. Dad was smart and knew were to pay. Thank you.

Ol Doc said...

Hahaha - if you don't Leave-Room, do you have to Leave-The-Room without? I guess you'd regret it after a while. Like, when those visions of the dessert table drifted into your mind - calling your name. Loudly!