Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Commission, as in out of

I still love the internet. I just don't love my computer right now. it is in for repair. It has betrayed my trust. Luckily, I didn't trust it too much, I have backup!

This is from a library computer and this message will not be repeated. Probably.


Gladys said...

Yeah it seems to be going around.
Hope you get it cleaned up and it coughs up that hair ball

ol Doc said...

We truely do miss your on-line presence. Hopefully the blasted thing will be unblasted and return to service in a trice. In jig-time. In half-a-mo'. Quicklier than that!

Zeta said...

Hopefully, your computer's Doctors visit will not be too painful or contain any viruses. May your computer have a quick recovery.

RANGER said...

The guru, yes THAT guru, thought it was the power supply until I mentioned that the hard drive was clicking. Not good, was his verdict.

The guru kindly called me when I sent out a global message that I would not be emailing any time soon, and why that was.

That was kind of him.