Saturday, February 28, 2009

Message in a bottle

Yesterday, I telephoned FIU to see if our computer had been looked at, yet. They replied: Monday, probably, maybe. They take them in order that they come in. I knew that. Really I did.

So Monday, I will not hope for too much.

I did find out that I can copy and enlarge our crosswords at the library. This is convenient because I had an origami class there, today. I made an inflate-able frog. I will not tell you where we had to blow into it to inflate it.

From the library, with love . . .


Zeta said...

Hum, the Sounds like a fun whimsical class. A cozy new book store opened in the grove a few months back. We like to browse at books we may or may not like to purchase.

ol Doc said...

Um, guessing the other end from the mouth...urg. I'd love to see an inflatable frog - - inflate. Does it stay inflated?

RANGER said...

01 Doc is correct about the inflation port. Yes it stays inflated: unless one's cat takes a liking to it. Ours just sniffed it and mimed that she was not impressed by that sort of thing.

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