Monday, February 9, 2009

Win some, win some . . .

Today, I revisited a fact that I had forgotten. The NY Times best seller list is the source of our local library's website list of best sellers.

Sometimes, as today, a book appears on the Times' list before the library list updates. I know this one will be in high demand. Enjoying Bernard Cornwell's books is not a solitary pastime.

Today, Agincourt which is the latest entry in Cornwell's Saxon series popped up on the Times' list and my name popped up shortly thereafter as number six on the library's reserve list.



Bluegrass Mama said...

Oh, I haven't read those, but I loved his Archer series! I'm off to MY library website now to check them out.

Zeta said...

My book collection consists of Phonex Theory and Sten Ed books at the moment. Shorthand briefs are a time saving factors for which I am grateful for. Seconds add up to minutes, adding up to $. My bright orange steno book has a wrinkled cover. Enjoy!

RANGER said...

Enjoy, indeed. Agincourt came in for me on Tuesday and BigEd picked it up today, which is Wednesday. I put aside the two I had started and it is Agincourt until further notice.

I have read his Sharpe series and Cornwell says on his web site that he is writing more of them. Oh, thank goodness!