Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More, more, more . . .

Today, we used up the last of 2008's hurricane supplies. I had forgotten about the cans of chicken and turkey in the pantry. They were behind several taller items. That's my excuse, anyway.

When the cans were opened and the liquid pressed out, the odor produced a siren call for Mew. The fluid from water-pack, canned chicken is the only human food she is allowed to beg for. She knows it is hers. Entitlement, today thy name is cat.

I told her to up-up-up and she sat up with her front paws out for balance and waited.

After she finished her canned-chicken water, she looked like she had swallowed a ball.

We are living with a chicken-water-monster.

1 comment:

Zeta said...

Chicken Water Monster! LOL. She was in heaven and didn't want the grand moment to end. She felt as if she was attending her favorite restaurant while eating her favorite food. She didn’t even have to leave a tip, or drive home at the end of her grand moment.