Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Defunction and stuff . . .

It has become evident that our appliances missed us while we were away. One air conditioner committed seppuku upon our return. A replacement was ordered yesterday and it is being installed, even now. No sentiment there.

Bless Scott Appliances and Air Conditioning. Bless air conditioners with remotes. Bless the coolness both are providing, or will soon.

Our car, which went along with us, was wounded in the windshield by a rock thrown up by a passing truck. I will call the insurance company this afternoon to see which auto hospital takes the walking wounded. Rolling wounded?

I hate to see the windshield go. I had bought Rain-X windshield washer fluid and discovered that it is marvelous stuff. The current windshield absolutely sheds water and bugs. One hardly needs the wipers.

I guess the new one will learn that trick, too . .


ol Doc said...

Both daughters have had that happen to them. Elder daughter - dunno what it was - maybe a rock. The windshield company came to her and fixed it where the car was parked. That's service!

RANGER said...

The rock made a mighty smack when it hit. If it had hit the side window, it probably would have shattered it. The windshield has a little crater in it.

Remember the rental car we had to return because of the nick in the windshield that showed up when the sun hit it just right? This one is bigger.