Sunday, September 13, 2009

What do you think this is?

I took a picture of this brick structure with the tower entrance because it was being put to an unexpected use. It is deceptive because, taken from the side as it is, one can't see the sign with the name and function of the building. Any guesses?

I confess, before this picture was taken the camera was set to video by accident. I have some very moving video of my shadow and my hand.

And no, I won't post it . . .


ol Doc said...

Okay, here are my standard guesses:
Icecream parlor
Dollar Store
Auto Parts Store
Movie Theater

(Looks like an elevated parking lot, could it be
Escalator access?
A mountain overlook area?
Ski Rentals?)

The awning has the word Shoppe visible;
Hobby Shoppe?
Candy Shoppe?
Jewelry Shoppe?

The tower looks like a campus area:
Sniper Tower?
Church Tower?

Okay, I give up!

Zeta said...

Art Shoppe
Book Shoppe
Ice cream Shoppe.
Health Food Shoppe.
Unity Shoppe
Bike Shoppe
Retail Shoppe
Tea Shoppe
Therapy Shoppe
Doll Shoppe

First pick. Book Shoppe!

RANGER said...

Believe it or not, this is the CVS pharmacy in Waynesville, NC. The shoppe on the side is misleading, I know. They were being cutesy.

Really good guesses, though.

ol Doc said...

Ah, then it is an all purpose shoppe! Zeta got it most right as a retail shoppe? Give her a treat and let her see your special video!

My kids used to laugh at my videos. All those long sequences of me walking with the camera hanging straight down at my side. The on-off switch was really tricky on that machine!

RANGER said...

Too late for viewing. Deleted.

Zeta said...

Ooohhhh. Retract video? Un-delete file.

ol Doc said...

Zeta - I may have an old tape or 2 of my mishaps. If I can find them, you could indulge yourself and watch my shoes going on rug, concrete, asphalt, grass or other surfaces. It is truely borrrring!