Friday, January 1, 2010

Center Piece


It's a palindrome!

Is that significant?

Is this a binary year?

Have I lost my mind?

The font is changed in celebration of a New Decade.

Same size, though.

We don't want too much change at one time - it's unsettling.


Big Ed said...

If my Birthday was today it would be a palindrome. It is nearer to Christmas than I would like. I think I'll stick with the status quo if wishing my birthday was in may. The reason, it is not too close to other peoples birthdays and it is like having another Christmas instead of having two Christmas's together like it is now, but I'll take it like it is and like it.

RANGER said...

You and Veronica, both. If you switch to May, she gets to do that, too.

Zeta said...

Patrick is also on the same day as Ed's and Veronica's. One must wonder why the no. 13 is so lucky.

Zeta said...

Happy Neo Year. That was the New Year Lingo used on the AMC channel during the movie "The Matrix"

ol Doc said...

It would be a palindrome if I could just quit writing the wrong year! Maybe I should quit writing checks and pay with cash. By the time I get back to work, the palindrome possibility will have passed until several days into November of the next year.

RANGER said...

We have 01-11-10, 01-22-10 coming up, too. January is a prime palindrome prime. Heh.

ol Doc said...

Oh. Yeah, we do. Missed those.