Saturday, January 30, 2010

Girl who . . .

There is a fascinating article on the Reuters UK web site. Although he is no longer among the living, Swedish author Stieg Larsson is at the center of controversy.

01 Doc told me about his book entitled The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I inhaled rather than read it. The Girl Who Played With Fire is number two which I have nearly finished (and am stubbornly resisting the urge to read the ending before I do).

The third book in the series, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest, will be out May 25
th of this year, according to Amazon.

Sad that he will not be able to write more of these. Wikipedia-if you trust a source written by the public at large and which inserts needs citation when someone is guessing-says that he had planned a series of ten of them.

Our loss.


Zeta said...

Would you mind explaining if these are adventure, romance, or everyday life reading materials?

RANGER said...

Set in Sweden, they are not standard formula mysteries although the plot unravels in various and unguessable directions.

The characters are especially well developed and the author has worked as a magazine editor which is a field that one main character *inhabits.* The first book became an international best seller almost instantly.

Big Ed said...

he was only 50, I wonder what he died of? It seems only two people are stirring much of the controversy. I guess he had high profiled enemies.

ol Doc said...

How much did I enjoy the first one? Well, it was read in paperback. The second is the hard cover version - purchased as soon as I saw it in Wally World.

RANGER said...

Bravo, o1 Doc! And thank you, again, for the recommendation. I also have you to thank for telling me about the charming Mitford series.

Diana Gabaldon - I can't remember who recommended her first, can you?

I have suggested The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest for purchase at the library here. If they purchase it, my name will automatically go on the list of those who have reserved it.

I may not be the first to have made the request to buy it but I should be near the top, anyway.