Sunday, January 10, 2010

No Masterpiece Theatre? No football?

Our Comcast Cable service is like the frost-damaged, hothouse roses in South America. It can not survive the cold weather either. Perhaps it is not as permanently defunct as the roses. Present conditions do not allow for an informed decision on that one.

Thank goodness we never ever considered (not for one moment, Comcast) switching from AT&T to Comcast for our internet or telephone service.

At 6:30 this morning our digital thermometer on the front porch read 37° F. Now at 7:15 it reads 36°F. This is not a good progression and the wind is rising.

I telephoned Comcast to report our cable outage. The person I reached admitted that their equipment is not meant to resist cold weather but that they can send someone out to fix it. However, I have to wait for a call from them to set up an appointment. She was pleasant to speak with but was unable to either resolve our problem or to make the appointment, herself. She was like a pleasantly-spoken pronoun: a placeholder but not the real thing.

When he was younger, my brother used to say something that expresses how I feel about Comcast, right now:



Zeta said...

The weather should warm up by the middle of this week. Lets hope it lasts longer than one day. Hopefully, Comcast can deliver great customer service and acutally fix the cable issue. One can only hope. Comcast allowed our home to be without all the cable channels for six days. The second repair tech could not believe the terrible work the first tech had completed.

RANGER said...

Oh, now, that scares me. I hope we get your second tech. It has to be a function of the cold weather. About 10 pm, it starts tiling and the sound goes. In the morning when it warms up, everything returns to normal.

ol Doc said...

We have Comcast in our end of the state and the only ones with a problem is us with the internet connection. Where I work, when it rains, we tend to lose signal and can't go online. The TV set works fine. Comcast hasn't found the breakdown yet, so haven't fixed things.

RANGER said...

There is an article in today's Herald about a customer in Key West who invoked Comcast's customer service guarantee. Action Line got involved and got her some freebies.

I wonder if Comcast would get involved with AT&T to get us U-verse service. Heh.

Zeta and M have it. At Thanksgiving, M asked me if I had come over to watch their U-verse. I said YES.

Big Ed said...

Why, oh why do we have to be a hundred and fifty feet out of range of U-verse. Why, Whi, Whye, Why, & Why.