Thursday, February 25, 2010


When I bent down to collect the morning paper, a gust of wind blew my hair inside out like a palm tree. I was looking through it when I stood up. It didn't take me long to hustle back inside. The wind chill was formidable.

A recent local windstorm snapped the trunk of a neighbor's ficus tree across the street and caused a tall schflera behind us to lean dramatically along the fence. I looked out to see if today's wind had toppled it further and it's gone. It either walked away like an Ent or our neighbor took care of it. It was rooted on his side of the fence: probably a present from a fence-sitting bird.

In the women's relay last night, the US Olympic team was so far behind they were out of our picture when the Korean skaters were disqualified. I told J this morning that even though our women won bronze by a fluke, they will brag about it all of their lives. But then, so will the Chinese women who took the gold when Korea DQed. It's all good, unless you are of Korean extraction. Depends on perspective, doesn't it?


Big Ed said...

I haven't watched much of the Olympics.

RANGER said...

S'okay, we watched for you.

Zeta said...

Opening and closing with a few skaters inbetween.

Big Ed said...

Yay! the Olympics are over. Now back to some real sports. Bahumbug!