Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to raise and train a rose?

Yesterday, we gathered to celebrate J's birthday. After dinner, we went back to Zeta's and M's where we ate ice cream and cake. J received many thoughtful gifts and we (or at least I) ate too much.

At the restaurant, Adam and Veronica had given each of the ladies three Valentine roses. Last night, when we got back home, I filled an enameled roasting pan with cold tap water and submerged the roses in it. I cut an inch off the stems while they were submerged and weighted them gently so they stayed almost completely under the water.

This morning they are perfectly revived and fresh. I had read about soaking flowers and can testify that it really works. I am not sure whether the trick of not exposing the cut stems to the air is necessary but they are back to life and all three are in a bud vase. I hope everyone has as nice a time, today, as the roses are having.

Happy Valentines' Day.


Big Ed said...

Yes, I can testify that the roses look healthy and vibrant late at night the next day.

ol Doc said...

Hmmm. Wonder if we can get a volunteer to test submersion on humans to refresh them... if we could find a large enough roasting pan -

Happy B'day Unka J! Belated but heartfelt. Matthew flipped my calendar for me so I could actually see the upcoming (& passed me by!) important dates.

RANGER said...

Oh, you know that the world's worst remember-er of birthdays has sympathy and also empathy for those who sometimes join her.

I have cards not mailed. I have cards that were lost and just found yesterday. I have good intentions and you know what road is paved with those. Heh.

Zeta said...

Why do cards disappear and then turn back up? Do they run and hide until after the occasion? Two thank you cards were in my makeup box. Hum, now they are covered in makeup and unusable. Another birthday card was found in an office drawer with ink marks all over the envelope. I’m starting to think waiting until the last minute keeps the cards safe and sound. Or, at least where I can watch before they disappear.

Zeta said...

The roses were a very nice gesture. Thank you Veronica!