Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feast or famine, TV style

The Olympics begin this week. The OLYMPICS begin. The athletes look forward to this with more eager anticipation than we do. Maybe.

The newest Survivor starts on Thursday and the Amazing Race on Sunday. This is too much reality goodness for the DVR to stand. After all, Masterpiece is on Sunday, too. Add in the Heat games and we are in simultaneous-broadcast trouble. I suppose we will have to see if the VCR still works.

I do long for the future when . . . never mind. Enough whining about U-verse.


Zeta said...

There are many shows I need to catch up on since I've gone full-time. Danika will be in CSI this Thursday. The expressway better be clear of cars so I can enjoy my CSI TV show while eating my dinner after school. Beep Beep

ol Doc said...

I read where Danika will be running in the Dale Earnhart Jr car #7 on Sunday at the Daytona 500. She did great the race she was just in, spun out but raced back to a respectable 5th or 6th place finish.

We'uns are deprived... no TIVO - and the VCR is broken. We just have to pick and choose and watch shows in real time. There's not even a hint of U Verse in our direction. With the slow creep to Ranger's area, it might as well be named Per-Verse.

Elissa said...

I am looking forward to u-verse! LOST is favorite.