Thursday, April 22, 2010

2908100 . . .

Have you returned your Census Form? We did right after we received ours.

Our library is upgrading software in May. We will be off line for a few days and then we will be able to log in with user names and passwords like the big boys do, instead of using the number on the card.

I'm a bit sorry to hear it. Right now I have my library card's 14 digit number memorized. Also BigEd's is in the memory banks. I have clung to my old card because the number is so familiar. New cards have been issued with key ring tags that are usable on the self service scanner. Various librarians have offered to replace my (really) old card which involved receiving a new number. I may finally cave in on the issue.

Or not.


Zeta said...

My ATM pin number changed after I lost the card a few weeks ago. I have to visit the bank lobby in order to punch in the numbers myself into their computer so I can use my old pin number. A slight panic shows on my face every time I punch in my new pin number. Is it correct? Whew.

RANGER said...

Now that's a horror story right up there with "Nightmare on Elm Street." New pin number? Shudder.