Monday, April 5, 2010

A little dab . . .

I try to use the alcohol based hand cleaner (okay, Purell) after I touch anything at the doctor's office that is touched by everyone who goes there: doorknobs, the sign-in pen, an elevator button, etc. I believe I forgot about that elevator button, this last time.

Can't you just imagine the surprise sneeze creeping up on someone just before they decide if they want up or down? Politely shielding the sneeze with their dominant hand they then press the button using the same dominant hand.

I should be more like Detective Monk. Wipe! Wipe!


ol Doc said...

If you use your jacket sleeve to press buttons and hold telephone handsets, you don't actually need a wipe for the action. Of course, you never ever place the receiver up against your ear! Then it's wipe, wipe!

RANGER said...

I have to admit I just began to use antibiotic wipes to clean the counters. Makes one feel so virtuous.