Monday, April 12, 2010

Yesterday, the crawl across the bottom of the picture told us that streets might flood. Water over the headlights is a flood. Water up to the middle of the hubcaps ought to have a separate name - a name that means something like: Drive Really Slowly, Stupid.

In fact, windshield wipers probably should chant a mantra to warn drivers that if wipers are needed, so is more distance between moving cars.

What about that small guilty thrill if you drive (legitimately, now) through a puddle when someone is tailgating your car on a wet street?
Admit it.

I can't be the only one . . . there, take that ya dummy. Back off.


Zeta said...

Oh my, everything was full of water in my yard. I'm sure the lawn man likes the rain for his business. As for the splash to tailgating drivers, maybe I should try this? PS, I'm in class, shhhh.

Big Ed said...

When I'm tailgated I drive slower.