Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A consumer wish . . .

We are having Blue Bell sugar free ice cream issues at our local grocery. When Blue Bell first came to our area, we could select from sugar free Banana Split, Chocolate, and Vanilla at the very least. Other flavors were seasonal choices. Strawberry anyone?

We became accustomed to the actual half gallon size and the really supreme taste. Gradually the half gallons of sugar free disappeared. Now there are only pints and quarts available at much inflated prices over the half gallon size. Even the manufacturers coupons only apply to the half gallon and store specials are limited to the half gallon size - all fully supplied with sugar, of course.

I have written a letter to Blue Bell giving them a heads up as to our situation. A real letter. On actual paper. Can you imagine? Perhaps that will persuade them that we are serious representatives of others in our marketplace who are deprived of choice.

I will even be glad to choose the Country Vanilla which is now the only half gallon size in the sugar free variety which is listed on the Blue Bell web page.

Maybe it's the economy. Everything else seems to be . . .

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ol Doc said...

Uh, Tom sometimes has a small bowl of whatever chocolate flavor Blue Bell is in Walmart's freezer case. Ulp. Sometimes, so do I.

First you has your dessert - then you takes your Glyburide / Metformin.