Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lose some, lose some . . .

In 1986, we bought an 18 inch Patton Fan. We used it, off and on, until 1991 when it bit the dust. We sent it back to the Patton people. We bought a 20 inch Patton to replace it while it was gone. But the 20 inch fan moved too much air, we thought. So when the 18 inch fan was repaired and returned, we packed the 20 inch-er back in its box and stored it away.

The 18 inch fan had originally come with, believe it or not, a lifetime guarantee. The 20 inch fan came with a 10 year guarantee. I guess a lifetime was too long to think about having to deal with the same customers, over and over. At any rate, when it was sent for repair, all the Patton people wanted was the model number and date code from the motor of the 18 inch fan and they knew right away that it bore a lifetime guarantee. It was a pleasure to do business with them. They just knew what to do and they did it.

Recently, that 18 inch fan stopped working again and I called the Patton 800 number. Turns out that Patton has been bought out by the Jarden Cororation.

If we had the guarantee which came with the fan and could provide them with a copy, they would honor it for up to 25 years. And no, they didn't maintain Patton's old repair and purchase records when they took over, or so I was told.

I'm still thinking about it. So far, the score is Jarden Corporation - 1 : Ranger - zero. Because when Patton proved to be so responsive the first time we needed repair, we stopped keeping track of the Lifetime Guarantee Certificate. We can't locate it and we have looked.

That 20 inch fan sure does move a lot of air. And we do have the out-of-date, 10 year guarantee certificate on that one. Wouldn't you know?


ol Doc said...

That's okay, at least you got a bit of use with the warranty.

I got 4 tires at Wally World and when the guy offered the road hazard warranty, I said, "No?"

A few weeks later, a flat tire with a cut and a hole in the edge cost me a new tire and no refund on the use. No warranty. Never again will I refuse the Road Hazard offer!

RANGER said...

Everything you read on being a savvy consumer says not to buy extended warranties. I tend to disagree and your cautionary tale really makes me think twice before saying no.

Occasionally we get an appliance that needs constant assistance to keep working. Then, we are really glad we opted for that yes.