Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where were you?

We are within a where-were-you on 9/11 moment, hour, day. This is a time to conjure into focus the actions of those others who injured us beyond telling. Who changed our conception of living in an impregnable fortress protected by oceans on both sides and icy distances to the North. Our underbelly to the South, we viewed with some unease. We used to be armored in complacency for the most part.

I was on my way to work when the first plane struck the first tower. I was watching television, there, when the second one hit.

I telephoned home to ask if the news was on. Yes, it was. We were all moving into our new reality with live coverage and one breathless comment at a time.

If time dulls the effect of that morning, if it passes from living memory, we can always be reminded.

The events were rebroadcast, with the same real-time correlation, on television this morning.

Now, I remember. Again.


ol Doc said...
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ol Doc said...

I was at work, too. I watched Fox News last night at midnight as they did their rebroadcast. I sat on the couch for 2 hours, tears streaming down my face and relived that horrible day.

Tears too, because - while Tommy watched the live event when he was visiting at a cousin's house - today he has no memory of where he was on that long ago 9/11 or of how he described it to me when he called to tell me it was happening.

Zeta said...

My work phone rang while I was following the news of the plane crash from my computer. On the other end was Steve asking me to go home since I was working next to the tallest building downtown. The media has mentioned this building was a possible target. I was a very happy mom that her son called her at work with concern. My employer didn’t feel it was necessary for us to leave at the time. I had spoken to Mark a few minutes earlier and he could not go home as well. My boss told us to find a secure place to wait until we felt safe to arrive back. We went by the International Department on our way downstairs to see if they wanted to take the elevator down with us. The employees had one our attorneys on the telephone as he was walking down the stairs in the first Twin Tower. He told us he had called his children, parents, and wife. My heart stopped for a moment when I realized he was not going to make it. He was calm and really eager to talk about what was happening as the group walked showily ahead of him.

We eventually went to the first floor close to the exit doors. While watching a small portable television, we heard that all plans were grounded. Then we heard a plan fly over our building and started laughing out of nervousness.

Zeta said...

Aunt Doc01. I'm sorry this is happening.

RANGER said...

01 Doc, I, too, am so sad for this situation. Every night, you both are in my prayers.

ol Doc said...

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers. It helps more than you know.