Monday, September 6, 2010

Money? Save? You there?

There are a couple of additions to the list of blogs, over to the left, under daily checkups. They are both extremely helpful in my search for the perfect shopping experience using coupons.

The CouponMom is a coupon-focused professional, I would say. The Coupon Goddess is also of professional caliber but also blogs about family and experiences in the most entertaining way. She posts videos in which she showcases deals which is most useful.

The perfect coupon shopping experience would be one in which items are buy one, get one free, and for which I would use two store coupons and two manufacturer's coupons. It would amount to getting the items free or nearly so, and spending a pittance to do this. (It would help if our local stores doubled coupons but they don't) The most I have been able to achieve is 25 to 30 percent off the total at, say, Publix. This percentage does not happen every week, either, but I am getting better at it. Brand loyalty is slowly going out the window as I try other brands which are on sale and for which I have, ta-daa, coupons.

It's fun, too. We used to be hunter-gatherers as a people, no? Well, what's the difference between hunting ducks/gathering berries and hunting coupons/saving bucks? Not a whole lot except the coupon hunter doesn't have to wade in the mud and can sit in A/C while doing it. Coupons weigh less than ducks and I'd like to meet the shopper who can trade a duck in on a computer at BJ's or Best Buy.

There is some finesse involved in holding out for the sale and the opportunity to save money on top of the sale price. I have learned much from the internet about these matters.

It is not rocket surgery or brain science, I promise.


The Coupon Goddess said...

First of all, thanks for the mention. I appreciate it! But I do want to let you know that the frugal lifestyle isn't always carried out in controlled heat/ac conditions. Last Thanksgiving I sat outside over night, in high winds/heavy rain, freezing temps for the black friday sale at Walmart. I dang near got pneumonia from it, but I DID get the $99 Nintendo DS and the $50 Guitar Hero bundle. Score! Not entirely far off from duck hunting though..... At least with duck hunting you have a rifle. That could have come in handy when people were jumping the line at 6am. LOL!

RANGER said...

You're a better man than I am, Gunga. My only Black Friday experience was when I dropped my car off for maintenance and the dealership's shuttle dropped me off at the mall for a couple of hours. {{Shudder.}}

ol Doc said...

Between Black Friday shopping and WOOT last year, most of our Christmas shopping got accomplished relatively painlessly. And online shopping is even more user friendly than the BF sales. 2 Years ago, Tom & I sat outside Home Depot in the freezing wind to pick up a deal on a Gorilla ladder. If they'd had 1 on - we wouln't have frozen our - noses - off!

Zeta said...

I posted comments on the two posts below. Very funny reading material. I enjoyed the LOL.

Zeta said...

Its feels wonderful to walk out of Publix with huge savings deductions on the receipt. More cha-ching for Starbucks.