Monday, September 13, 2010

One more, at least . . .

I thought, after learning of author Dick Francis passing away last February, that I would never hear of, say, or write about his newest book being out. Every word he ever wrote had been devoured by 01 Doc (I believe) and by me.

His wife had been his researcher/enabler before her death and his son took up the role she had played. Except, Felix got his name on the cover under Dad's.

Here it is: the new Dick Francis/Felix Francis book is out.
It was in process at the time of Dick Francis's passing away. A copy of that book, Crossfire, is in transit to the branch library near us.

Sad as it was to hear of the author's death, his works live on. He still speaks.


Big Ed said...

And there was much rejoicing in the houses of Ranger and 01 Doc since the last book of Frances Dickus, I mean Dick Frances is out. Note, Frances Duckus was a miss quote of mine twenty eight years ago or more.

ol Doc said...

Having just read Silk, by same author-team - I shall search for Crossfire most diligently. Thank you Ranger. You do watch out for us. I'll never forget wondering how to pronounce "Portakabin" which was the brand name of a horse hauler. Por Take A Bin? Port - take a bin? Port-a-cabin? Even with an artificial English accent - I never did get it quite right.

RANGER said...

This morning my cell phone received a voice mail message that an item is being held at the library. I checked on line and it is Crossfire! Will let you know if it is as vintage Francis Duckus as we hope.