Saturday, March 22, 2008

Excellent news ...

Some excellent news arrived via email. o1 doc received the Employee of the Year award at the agency where she works. She was surprised during the awards banquet where she received public recognition for her being "the glue that holds the Department together." Was that not a clever way to say that she is indispensable? We are so proud of her.

She is modest and self-effacing. Among other things, the Department publicly recognized that she gets through a monster-amount of paperwork, can find the unfindable when necessary and yet, in her interaction with the public, she "takes the time to listen and then acts in a proactive manner." (The 'monster' and 'unfindable' are my paraphrases of much more elevated and revealing language.)

I wish we had been there to see her being honored.


Big Ed said...

Congratulations o1 doc! Isn't it nice to get recognized every once and a while.

Zeta said...

Yahoo, Aunt doc 01. Congratulations for your Employee of the Year award. What a nice surprise and a well deserved dedication.