Thursday, March 6, 2008

It was calling ... calling ...

The Easter candy is on the shelves. I did succumb to a Russell Stover strawberry cream egg. Small. Really small. Really, really. That's what they get for sending me to the pharmacy and my having to walk to the back of the place. Of course, it wasn't absolutely necessary for me to use the candy aisle to get there.

I think we'll have shrimp tonight as an antidote to the sugar ... should work.


Zeta said...

Please be careful, Biged may need candy for his trip after his goodies disappear.

ol Doc said...

Shrimp is an antidote to Sugar?


I Can Has Sugar!

Oh, wait - I can has Candy THEN I Can Has Shrimp!

RANGER said...

I can has metformin. I can has ... no I can't has. The shrimp was just a substitute, that's it. Shrimp - candy egg - shrimp - candy egg. Better it's shrimp.

We can has lolcat, though ... low carb, maybe.