Friday, January 16, 2009

Merry Christmas, still . . .

Christmas of 2008 has stretched a long arm into 2009. J's elderly mother orders her family's gifts and has them delivered. Ours she revealed, was from Omaha Steaks and was supposed to be delivered pre-holiday.

She kept asking us if it had arrived. We kept having to report that it had not. She came down to visit for Christmas. We drove her home between Christmas and New Years. No delivery.

Omaha Steaks gave her several reasons why her order had not been filled. Each was a reason that, it developed, was in error. Her credit card date was valid. She used it, with Omaha, for gifts sent to other family members.

J is on the telephone, right now, thanking her and letting her know the foam insulated box just arrived, dry ice intact and contents safely frozen.

She is so relieved. And
the sparkle of Christmas has touched us again, in the January doldrums . . .


Zeta said...

January Christmas Present. Maybe she should have requested rush delivery for the same month and year. "This year 2008, not next year 2009.”

Another cold front is arriving next week. It was 12-degrees in Atlanta a few days ago. I'm going to put Lake City on my I-phone to view what Aunt Doc and Uncle T. are experiencing with the temps. OK I'm back. It was 34 degrees last night in Lake City according to my phone. Burr. Our lowest temp was 50-degrees last week. New York low was 18-degrees.

RANGER said...

I would think it was even cooler outside the city itself, up yonder. At 8 a.m. it was 54 on our front porch. I went out barefoot to get the papers. Came back in a hurry even though the papers are delivered to the front mat.

No New York visit in my near (or far) future, thank goodness.

LOL for same year delivery specs.

ol Doc said...

Hooo boy! They're saying wind chills in the 20's tonight and not much warmer during the week - Wish we had a great big ol' steak to bite into - actually to cook over the grill and linger near the heat emitted from the coals. Now, that'd be an ideal dinner! Warm and tasty and Toasty!