Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wide road ahead . . .

Today, I discovered a resource which surprised me. I was in our local CVS looking for Citrucel caplets for which I had a $4 coupon. Sweet, no? But they were not on the shelves.

Our CVS is nearly the smallest one I have ever been in. There may be a smaller one in Georgia, but ours runs a close second. When I asked the front cashier about the product, he turned to his store manager who was standing
nearby. The manager laughed and told me he could not stock everything he would like to but that the man standing next to him was the manager of the largest CVS he had ever seen.

That manager, Edgar, telephoned his store, told his employee exactly where the product was located and asked them to bring a bottle to the front and hold it for me.

"When do you want to pick it up?" he asked me, "Today?"

I nodded.

"Fine, she will come and get it today." He told his phone my name, then snapped it shut and wished me a Happy New Year.

I did go because I said I would and I was curious anyway. However, it took a cup of coffee from Mickey Dee to get me there. That coffee could run a front loader, it was so strong. You need something like that to get you in the mood to travel down Bird Road. If you know Bird Road, you know that it is six lanes wide with, mercifully, a seventh turn lane down most of it. It is in the works to widen it further. Ten lanes? Maybe.

The Citrucel was waiting at the front register, thank goodness. The place had the size impact of a Super Wal-Mart. It had grocery aisles and possibly fresh produce. I know I saw aisles of fresh flowers. I will have to go back when I have the time to meander through it.

It seems apt to have to take a ten lane highway to get to it. But, I turned to the right out of the parking lot and came back home on Miller Drive which is a nice, sensible four lanes plus the fifth turn lane. . .


ol Doc said...

I recall when Mille had a canal down the middle. It was always a soothing drive for me. Bird, on the other hand tested one's driving skill and Christian testimony...keep both hands on the wheel and no finger gestures!
Branford Highway is quite wide enough, thanks.

ol Doc said...

Miller. That was Mille-R. Not Mille

Zeta said...

Miller seems to be under construction that never ends. Bird Road, Miller Road are changing with the economy. Mom and Pop stores are fading to big discount stores. Joffery's, we will miss you.