Sunday, January 11, 2009

Notes from the past . . .

I found a page from a small notebook tucked away in a drawer. It evoked some memories, I can tell you. It is reproduced below:

We got electricity on Thurs., 9/3/92, 2:15 P.M.

Andrew hit us 8/24.

We spent 11 days without warm baths and showers.

8/26 - Builders Square
We bought a generator which ran the refrigerator, 2 fans & a light & borrowed a propane stove from A and M.

On Tuesday, 8/25, we drove to Publix in Broward County (5211 Sheridan St) with A & N & kids. Ate hot lunch at the restaurant in the market.

On 8/27/92, J went to Builders Square & got 3 screen doors & wooden door; stucco for patching outside wall.

J made almost daily trips to work for ice & water.


That is the end of the note. In addition, I remember Winn Dixie giving out water and Ice. O1 Doc and I took all of the kids because they were counted and could receive water and Ice too. I still remember little Susan staggering under the weight of the ice bag until one of us came to her aid. She was determined to carry it to the car by herself.

When we finally were able to get to a bank, the national guard checked IDs to see if we belonged in the area. It was such a relief to have a normal occurrence like visiting the bank become possible.


Susan said...

I remember that!

I also remember E sleeping on the front porch and talking about how many stars he could see at night with all the power in the city out. I remember the church coming over and helping up cut trees and it was the first time I ever ate a cheeseburger. I remember sitting outside on my fathers car the night before with my sister and facing east, talking about the storm coming, and how we wondered if it would change anything...

ol Doc said...

I remember waking big sis that night and she didn't want to leave her warm bed but the wind had started howling and we feared damage from tree limbs so we had to get both girls up and into the living room. We spend the rest of the night there until morning brought lowered winds and we were able to open the front door to look out and check damages. I recall a small brown frog came hopping up the front walk and onto the porch looking kind of stunned in a froggy way. It may have been the debris strewn across the front lawn or the asphalt shingles driven into the wood of the seagrape tree. Or all the trees down in our back yard. Whatever it was he - and we - had been through an unforgettable night.

Zeta said...

How about receiving a phone call from your Dad asking "Have you read the Tropic section of the paper yet?" Then, walked to the curb to grab the paper with headlines in big bold letters, “The first homeowners insurance to go out of business was “Causality Home Owners Insurance". Gulp, oh boy. There is was as I drank my coffee. Our home owners insurance at the time with our claim pending was in deep financial trouble. The insurance company agreed to pay for a new roof before their funds were depleted, and that was it. So we took the deal. We still have damage from Andrew which is not to serious. At least we had a home with walls despite the leaks in the roof when it rained a few days after Andrew left his wrath. We had to replace our clothing, a few appliances, and furniture at our own costs. Looking at the stars, searching for ice, eating mucho BBQ and gathering around a small black and while TV was a regular routine.