Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dot dot dot

I am much too fond of ellipses. Can you tell?

Others may be addicted to multiple exclamation points or quotation marks like double fingers flickering for emphasis. I like the trailing of an ellipsis ... it seems to demand further inference. If the reader will participate, I don’t have to complete the thought to its possibly absurd conclusion.

When I found a blog template of dots, an “aha moment occurred. (Ignore those "quotation marks")

I was charmed!!! (Ignore those exclamation points!!!)

Home, it was deja vu.

What a relief that I didn’t feel compelled to say: “deja vu, all over again.” Now that would be sooo lame!!!

Just so you know ...

1 comment:

Karen Deborah said...

at least you KNOW how to do puncutation marks, I am so easily confused and dyslexic so often my stuff is bassakwards, sumthin like that. aha is good!