Monday, April 28, 2008

Family picture ...

When Town and Country mall closed for retooling and our nearest Sears died with it, price cuts grew like beanstalks. In the nearly empty Sears, I made friends with a Tilia Foodsaver vacuum sealer and it followed me home.

I have become an unpaid advocate for the thing. Just mention it and I will tell you much more than you want to know about it.
Zeta and M have one, too. When various family members came to visit earlier this year, they saw what it could do and they bought one when they got home.

I got an email from that family recently which detailed how much money they are saving. It is gratifying to see their enthusiasm.

I mentioned, to them, something about the steamer inserts that I use to hold the sealed bags off the bottom of pots of water when reheating or thawing/warming. They wanted to know what kind. Below is what I sent them.

Aren't they pretty?


Zeta said...

Nice. I too use the steamer for broclie. Hopefully, they will remember to add water to the pot. When I was cooking a large family dinner, the H20 part of cooking slipped my mind. Ops.

ol Doc said...

As far as kitchen implements go, these are lovely. They'd also make great helmets, shields and masks - if you're into pretend fighting instead. :)

RANGER said...

I remember someone whose favorite kitchen items were a potato, a spoon, and a pie pan. No swords and helmets, at that time.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I don't recall a potato.

The spoon and the pan, I can see. They're basic toys for an imagination to run with...drums and ... uh, drums... I guess as one gets older, the imagination shrinks down?

RANGER said...

The spoon was a fairly large serving spoon and this anonymous person used it to corral and lift the potato from the pie pan to the floor and back again. It was a self administered hand/eye coordination exercise with the stifled giggles of the watchers as accompaniment.

It was so cute. I was about six and I can still see it in my mind's eye. What focus!