Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ya gotta eat ...

Zeta and M told us about a good deal through a local radio station's web site. It is an offer of gift certificates for local establishments available at half the face value, if bought through the station's site. We bought one for a local restaurant, forgot about it, and it has almost expired.

Yesterday, we went to lunch, en masse, to redeem our certificate. The establishment wasn't open. Zeta and M recommended the nearby Rockfish Grill as an alternative. The food at the Rockfish was delicious. Really good. It is now another little
jewel that that we will keep in mind. We told Zeta and M that if we are thinking of trying someplace new, we will ask them first. They are becoming our restaurant gurus.

Still, the certificate will expire tomorrow. I called Joffrey's this morning. They apologized for not being able to open on time yesterday. The waitress had an emergency. It's a cozy li'l place, can you tell? Not large, but friendly and the food ... the coffee ... mmmwah.

We will be forced to go to Joffrey's this afternoon. So sad, for us, heh.

From our experience with a previous certificate, we know that any funds remaining from the first visit are returned to the user via a gift card, right there on the spot.

What drama ...

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Zeta said...

Yes, Rockfish Grill is nice alternative. Biged seem to enjoy the restaurant as well. Its nice to see family owned restaurants in operation.