Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Because he said so . . .

I have to admit that I received my orders this morning. I went to the almighty physician because he changed a med and wanted to follow up. I mentioned a hip problem and he said to lose some weight, for starters. Then he looked at my record, looked back at me and opined that I had lost some weight recently, hadn't I?

Yers, I have, and thanks for noticing. He said to keep it going. Guess it's goodbye to cookies, sugar free or not.

'Course, we have to finish off the supply on hand . . . waste not, want not?


ol Doc said...

Waste not, Want-when-they-re-gone! No mo cookies? Sob!

Zeta said...

Understand completely. We had to cut back on sugar free ice-cream. Boo-hoo. Cutting back on sugar free cookies, and ice-cream does not leave much left for us to choose from. Wonder if sugar free cheesecake follows the same guide lines?