Thursday, August 28, 2008

Part one, of how many?

Years ago, I bought a paperback book that I did not realize was part one of three parts. It ended, not in mid-sentence, exactly, but in suspenseful mid-events that left me exasperated with the author. I only knew the name of the next volume. Had never heard of the author, at the time. Of course, it was the first volume of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy that had entranced my imagination.

There is this relatively new book out by Gene Wolfe entitled: "The Knight." I have read about half of it and it has turned out to be one of those books you wish could go on forever. I know this is the first of a series.

One would think one would learn, wouldn't one?


Zeta said...

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RANGER said...

I went to Amazon to see what your book looked like. It does seem to be a keeper. Amazon offered some used copies but you probably need it, like, yesterday.

$$ouch$$, though.

Zeta said...

It was $111.00 and came with a six-month free trial. Hopefully, the class will be an easy A.