Friday, August 29, 2008

Part two of two, I think . . .

One has learned. One surfed to the library web site, saw that book two of the series by Gene Wolfe was on the shelf in a nearby branch location and called them.

The nice man,
with whom I eventually spoke, kept entering my card number in the wrong window and telling me he could not find me as a patron. I offered to close my own computer screen which was showing my account and showing the shelved book, clear as could be.

He sheepishly told me he was in the wrong window (which is how I know) and then proceeded to walk to the stacks and find the book. He canceled a hold order which would have sent the book to a different (my default) library. He also told me the book would likely be in a back room, but in alphabetical order, since I wanted to pick it up the same day. I am so glad he did.

When I went to get the book, it was indeed in the back. The older lady at the checkout desk said in discouraging tones that there were over four hundred books in the back, waiting to be shelved. (This is the first passive/aggressive experience I have ever had at any library.) But, surely all those books are in alphabetical order, in that back room, I said in encouraging tones.

The person who was sent to find my reserve came back immediately with it. I would just bet that the nice young man I spoke to earlier knew who
would be at the checkout desk, that afternoon.

Forewarned very nicely, for real . . .


Zeta said...

Grumpy library folks also work at the Dade College.

ol Doc said...

Grumpy library folks work nearly everywhere. They just keep the grump part hidden inside the lower lip - most of the time.

Here is a smiling librarian. :)
Here is one with the grump showing :([

RANGER said...

I recognize that bottom librarian. I just dealt with her, recently!