Friday, March 6, 2009

Catlike economy

Now the dire economic situation is beginning to affect our pets. The cat's food which we buy from the veterinarian's office no longer comes in plastic containers. It comes in bags, now, with the same weight content as the old plastic jugs.

As the jugs had a twist-off lid, they protected the dry contents from moisture and insects. The new and improved bags, even though made of multi-ply media, won't do the same job. Cheaper, though.

Thank heaven I saved the last empty jug. I'll just decant the bag into it and Mew won't know the difference.

I hope . . .


Zeta said...

As long as multi-ply media does the same job carrying the food to your home, she should not mind. Or she may look at the bag and wonder, "What in the world are they buying now?"

ol Doc said...

She may wonder if the bags are good to play in? They probably smell good, too. Is smelling almost the same as reading, when you're a cat? Can Mew pick out the bag that used to hold her food as opposed to a bag that held shoes or other non-food items?

RANGER said...

Actually, when we got it home, it was a one-ply, but very thick, plastic bag. I poured the dry food into the jug with the screw-on lid which closes nearly airtight.

Until I wear out the lid, that's how we'll store her food. Better than a potato chip clip on the plastic bag. Actually the bag had a peel off sticky strip that we were supposed to use to reclose it. I always mess those up, somehow. It gets folded over until the sticky part adheres to itself and is useless.