Monday, March 16, 2009

Close call . . .

Scary event: the Clickfree backup drive would not upload our backed-up data (with years of pictures) onto the new hard drive. I asked the tech if they had a duplex cord, one of which came with the Clickfree. They had said not to bring any cables in because they might get lost.

I offered to bring my cables to him and he reluctantly said okay. They had hooked the Oneclick up to an external power device to get more power to it. . . but they would try my cables.

Heh, that worked. I can pick it up tomorrow, new hard drive and router card installed. If I can't get the wireless router to speak to both computers, there is always S-the-Guru. One way or another, this is a good thing.

First, though, I will transfer copies of the pictures to the laptop. And I might try an online storage facility, as well. Anyone have any suggestions about which to use?


Anonymous said...

I recommend using for temporary or permanent online storage. Use the service to move your files to another computer, but leave a copy there for safe keeping.

They also offer file sharing and online backup. With automated online backup, you can set a scheduled, and your computer will stay backed up - no longer subject to data loss.

And they have the best prices around for online storage.

RANGER said...

Thanks, I think all is need is storage for pictures, though.

ol Doc said...

Remember when... all we had to do was stick the ones we liked into the album and try to remember to write the names on the back?

RANGER said...

It wasn't a bad system either . . . except for the color fade thing.