Monday, March 23, 2009

Now we know . .

BigEd made a run to BJ's and took my (well, J's and mine really) car instead of his own. Our own trunk is not being used as a storage bunker. BigEd's is: bike rack, extra cables, extra jack, extra vehicular fluids, junk stuff like that.

We got a call from him to say that the key wouldn't turn and the steering wheel was jammed. Or the steering wheel would move very little.

J and I looked all over for the keys to BigEd's car and finally telephoned him for instructions. He instructed us to look in all of the places we had already looked. When I finally found them by accident and not according to instructions, I telephoned BigEd to say that help was on the way. If we couldn't get the key to turn, we would call AAA, I told him.

When I arrived, I pulled into a parking space next to the disabled vehicle. As I did so, a Tripple A locksmith van came around the corner and stopped in front of us. BigEd had used initiative. It took the gentleman about two minutes after receiving our electronic cry for help to find us.

He manipulated the wheel to the right using both hands, held it there and tapped-then-turned the key. It started right up. BigEd had been doing everything except tap the key.

Now we know . . .


ol Doc said...

At the cost of gas today, I'd write that tip down and SuperGlue it on the dash!

Zeta said...

LOL. Biged, I will be happy to loan you my SupperGlue. It is even spill proof. I'm sure Rangermom won't mind.

RANGER said...

We need some mental superglue for ideas.

Big Ed said...

It is not junk if it is usefull. I only have four times I can call AAA. So, for another flat tire I'm prepared or, if I need a jump I don't depend on others for the cables. hmmf!